About The Midland Academy of Stage Dancing

The Midland Academy of Stage Dancing is a small independent examinations board established in 1957. Founded in the West Midlands, many of our member schools are based in this area but we also provide services to schools in London and Bristol.

We offer a framework of dance examinations to individual dance schools and also provide support and networking opportunities to dance school owners and teachers.

Students are able to take graded examinations and medal tests in a range of subjects including Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Disco. The syllabus is designed to aid students in learning technique, dance theory and performance ability as well as providing a strong foundation for anyone wanting to pursue a career in performance or teaching.

What sets us apart from other examination boards is the ability to provide the personal touch to all affiliated schools. We are in regular contact with principals and offer support and advice on all aspects of running a dance school.

Our Story

The Midland Academy of Stage Dancing was formed from a desire to create a dance association which was approachable for teachers wanting to offer a dance syllabus within their school.

A group of five teachers with different dance expertise and trained under various examination bodies came together to create a new syllabus with influences from the main dance associations. They felt that other exam boards were very strict, often inflexible and lacked the personal touch. They wanted to offer a more personal experience for teachers rather than being lost within the big organisations.

They created a diverse syllabus and firstly offered it within their own schools.

Since these early days, the majority of growth in the association has been organically, pupils that have trained in MASD moving on and opening their own schools.

One of the founding members, Marianne Frenzel, retired as Head of The Association in 2013 and was succeeded by one of her original pupils Carol Suttie who runs the association today.

Supporting Dance Schools Since 1957

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